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"Pulse" valve industry pain point, scientific and technological innovation to achieve industrial "overtaking on the curve"

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Update time : 2020-08-13 21:17:00

"Pulse" valve industry pain point, scientific and technological innovation to achieve industrial "overtaking on the curve"


In recent years, with the rapid development of food, pharmaceutical and other industries, a large number of valve products market demand, valve industry has also achieved rapid development. At present, there are various kinds of food valves in China. Butterfly valve, diverter valve and control valve are widely used to accurately control liquid, gas and other media. The process parameters such as pressure, flow and liquid level are kept at the given value, and are applied in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.

It is understood that the output of valve products (including food valves) in China has basically maintained a steady growth. According to statistical data, China's valve output exceeded 7.8 million tons in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 3%. In 2018, China's valve output exceeded 8 million tons, and in 2019, China's valve output reached 8.2 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of about 5%. It is expected that the market demand for valve products in China will still show an upward trend from 2020 to 2022.

However, what needs to be mentioned is that from a global perspective, the number of enterprises engaged in the valve industry is large, and the overall competition is fierce. In contrast, the overall market concentration of the industry is low, and most of the domestic valve enterprises are in the low-end market of the valve industry.

Although the valve products in the low-end market have strong versatility, the technical content is not high, mainly in the aspects of sealing, appearance design, service life, technical level of electric and pneumatic devices, and the overall competitiveness of the products is not strong. With the increasing number of new entrants, the market competition of valve products (including food valves) will be more intense, and the profit level of low-end valve market will also decline.

However, it is gratifying that with the active support and guidance of the local government and the support of a new generation of technologies such as the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence, the technological content of valve products is improving, the competitiveness is increasing, the pace of domestic valves replacing imports is accelerating, and the power of domestic valves is rising.

It is understood that Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province, is famous for its "hometown of stainless steel pumps and valves", and the pump valve industry is one of the city's traditional advantageous industries. In recent years, in the face of high-quality development requirements, Jingjiang City of Jiangsu Province has actively guided valve product enterprises to take scientific and technological innovation as the guide, aim at the direction of "green, efficient, mechatronics and intellectualization", implement the strategies of technological innovation and standardization, intelligent manufacturing and robotics, increase the cooperation of industry, University and research, and innovate the industrial chain, product chain and value chain, so as to create new advantages for development.

As of last year, there were more than 350 pump and valve enterprises in the city, and the total output value of the whole city's pump and valve industry was more than 8 billion yuan. However, there have always been "pain points" in the development of the local pump and valve industry. For example, the industry is small, scattered and complete, the agglomeration is poor, the phenomenon of low-end and homogenization of products is serious, large and strong leading enterprises are rare, and the transformation and upgrading of the pump valve industry are difficult.

In order to further enhance the competitiveness of the whole industry chain of pumps and valves, and to better meet the market development trend, the city's enterprises focus on high-tech products and emerging industries, and constantly increase the research and development of new products and investment in technological transformation. Now, the R & D investment of enterprises shows an increasing trend.

At the same time, the enterprise also strengthens the strategic cooperation relationship with colleges and universities and scientific research institutes, and explores the innovative cooperation mode of "three combinations of teaching and application", which is conducive to accelerating the landing and transformation of scientific research achievements and striving to "overtake on the curve" in the new round of development.

With the continuous expansion of downstream food, pharmaceutical and other industries' demand for valve products, combined with the leading role of scientific and technological innovation, the product manufacturing process, scientific and technological content and quality level of domestic valve enterprises are gradually improved, and the future domestic valve market prospect is very optimistic. However, domestic valve enterprises which focus on scientific and technological innovation and have strong strength may win more opportunities to further improve the market share of products.

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